about us

We are an Intelligent Media company with a focus on R&D of disruptive technologies and solutions. We are using Machine Learning acoustic and vision techniques, to interpret the world around us and develop products and services for the creative, healthcare and manufacturing industries. 

In the creative media sector, we are changing the SFX production process by integrating academic research excellence into innovative tools. We are partnering with post-production audio experts and award-winning sound design specialists, including Angell Sound, Dirty Dog Audio, Sonorize and Mixed Immersion, to bring a user-validated design methodology to the solutions we create.

Our Mission

We create disruptive autonomous products and systems that change the way we interact with the world around us, by using audio and visual machine learning and by understanding both real and virtual environments.

Our Values

Quality and Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to improve the well being of people everyday, in the workplace and at home. We embrace equality, we love what we do and we empower the community with our creative solutions.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring about change to improve the way we work and live, by accessing the best academic research and designing innovative products and solutions.

Research & Development

Check out the exciting projects we are involved with


Sound Effects Synthesis

Sound synthesis models generated from any audio sample. Any sound can be turned into a controllable sound effect. Anyone can harness their creativity and become a sound designer, at low cost.


Autonomous Systems for Sound Integration and GeneratioN (ASSIGN)

This project will deliver and validate a decision-making system that controls sound generation and contextual placement within media production workflows.


Real-Time Sound Effects Synthesis (RTSFX)

A sound synthesis engine, with intuitive interface, that allows upload and analysis of SFX archives. Sounds can be then manipulated in real-time to produce a wide range of synthesis sounds.


Synthesis of Ambiance Sounds

The project involves the 360 immersive production  of ambiance sounds that is highly demanded in the industry. This new service would be disruptive and replace traditional workflows.


Mimovi is a cloud-based, multi-language, platform that enables the online creation and sharing of video, audio and images.


Coming soon...

OUR Partnerships

Innovate UK

We are leading a number of projects funded by Innovate UK, UK's Innovation Agency. Innovate UK drives UK economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.

Queen Mary University of London

QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) is a world-leading research group with specialisation in signal processing, sound synthesis and digital audio effects.

Oxford Innovation

Through Innovate UK we are partnering with Oxford Innovation, a lead company in business consulting, with an outstanding success record in incubating and accelerating high-growth SMEs.

University of Salford

University of Salford’s (USAL) Acoustics Research Centre is one of the most esteemed and longest established specialist acoustics research centres in the world.

University of Surrey

We are disseminating Surrey's University groundbreaking research in Machine Learning for Audio Synthesis. The project is supported by the Impact Acceleration Account.

Salsa Sound

Salsa Sound Ltd creates innovations in television sound for live sports and won 79% of the vote at a tech pitch at the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) Business Awards.

University of York

We are part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with York University. The Innovate UK KTP program facilitates the commercial exploitation of expertise that resides within the research of the University's Music Department.

Mixed Immersion

Mixed Immersion is a 3D Audio Production company, creating amazing immersive experiences within Experiential, VR, AR & Live Performance.

Dirty Dog Audio

Dirty Dog audio (DDA) provides sound design, editing and mixing skills for TV and film post-production. Director Mike Wood, has credits on over 40 feature films and more than 100 hours of high-end broadcast documentaries and drama.


Sonorize Ltd, provides sound design services to the film, animation and TV industries since 2005. Director Nick Lowe has won many awards and his credits include Harry Potter I, II, III and Hotel Rwanda.

OUR team

Richard Little

Non-Exec Chair, Director

Richard provides high level guidance in the project and commercialisation phases towards next stage funding readiness. 

William Buchanan


Will has a degree in Physical Sciences and an MSc in Astrophysics. After his studies, Will spent many years in music and film production  and has headed multiple RPPtv projects, including our Innovate UK grants.

Russ Bradbury


Russ has a degree in Electronics and more than 30 years experience in audio engineering technology development, working with some of the biggest names in the music and audio industry. 

oleksiy vaysrub

Senior Developer

Oleksiy has an MSc in Mathematics and Mechanics and was a lecturer in CS. Oleksiy has extensive experience in media and commercial software development and engineering.


NE Office, Intelligent Systems

 Intelligent Systems and engineer on machine learning techniques, Convolutional Neural Networks, Neurogenesis and feature extraction in a computer vision-based context. Sam has been leading the company research into gait and scene recognition algorithms. 

Ken brown

NE Office, KTP Associate

Software, Firmware and Electronic hardware developer, specialising in audio visual technologies, transferring knowledge from York University Audio research. Through the KTP Ken has received significant managerial and entrepreneurial training and is well suited to head up the Newcastle office going forward as part of RPPtv.

Tobechukwu Agbele

NE Office, Computer Science System Support

Computer Science with Advanced practices, Tobe works part-time while at Lancaster University engaged in a PHD in Biometric Block chain.

Amber Bradbury

Work Flows and Media Specialist

Amber has a degree in Media studies with experience in media work stations and media production. Amber has been working within RPPtv assisting in cataloguing media, testing work station integration and metadata outputs from these.

Charlotte Edmondson

Project Assistant Creative Manager

Charlotte's interest in sound during her MA has lead her to RPPtv where as creative business manager she can continue to explore sound though the richness that immersive and augmented reality could bring to enhancing our experiences of locations and events.