The company [RPPtv ltd] provides a cloud-based, multi-language, platform that enables the online creation and sharing of video, audio and images. The company have been developing the technology platform since 2005. The company has patents pending in the US. The platform provides services for many user groups ranging from broadcast professionals to casual social media users. Two recent pilot projects have focused on the provision of services for local news and advertising agencies but the platform has potential across all media creators and publishers.
So what sets RPPtv apart from other products available? There are several key features:

Ease of use – The tools have been designed to accommodate the functional needs of professional users but designed from the outset with simplicity at the core of the RPP eco-system.

Breadth of application – an excellent example of how simple user interfaces, combined with the depth of features in RPPtv, have been combined to produce a suite of powerful tools aimed at the user “who-wants-to-get-their-stuff-done.

Collaboration – Users can work together on developing new content in tandem and hence true collaborative film making, between users in different global locations, is available.

Broadcast Standards – Due to the standards adopted throughout, and the simplicity of the application, content can be produced by almost any user. The platform enables producers access to new forms of collaboration and workflows; and, most important of all, no new software downloads are needed and no specialist training or equipment is required.

Users upload video, pictures, sounds, music and create new ‘projects’. They collaborate with colleagues – even start their own online channels. Content and channels can be viewed online on IPTV or through iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch & other tablets and mobile devices ( including new Windows 8 ), sharing content in the mobile world.

Key features include:

· Browser based – nothing to install, works in any browser on any device
· Logging – adding quality metadata to make searching easier
· Transcode – automated file conversions to pre-selected profiles
· Editorial Control – review and approve workflows
· Final Cut/Avid/Premiere Integration – export and import from and to craft edit tools
· Cloud Archive – protect your footage and movies from disaster
· Collaboration – work with any-one, anywhere in the network.

Product Portfolio:

RPPtv: cloud media ingest/upload using http, ftp, archiving, metadata description, search, create new media outputs in project creation including collaboration, publish and export including into broadcast workflows.