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SFX Synthesis Service Cross Platform in Media 3 Innovate UK project.

Synthesis of sound effects (SFX) has the potential to revolutionize the sound design process for cross-platform production of film, TV and animation content. By integrating such technologies with intuitive cloud media production tools developed by lead partner, RPPtv, we can deliver a novel, cloud-based SFX synthesis service. We will exploit the outputs of a highly successful Innovate UK Technology Inspired ICT Feasibility Study and groundbreaking research from Queen Mary University of London’s audio engineering team in order to deploy lightweight sound synthesis models on the cloud, thus removing the need for large SFX libraries and the associated issues with their use in the production process.
A prototype service will be validated in audio post-production with Angell Sound, and evaluated by Sonorize, award-winning film sound design specialists, Dirty Dog Audio, supervising sound design for TV, film and CGI, and Gareth Llewelyn Sound for immersive, object-based and 3D audio. The outputs will include a cloud prototype for cross-platform production, with full market analysis, business models and road map to launch a commercial service.   

ASSIGN Autonomous Systems for Sound Integration and GeneratioN  Robotics and Autonomous Systems Innovate UK project. 

In immersive media and game sound design, the biggest challenge is the effort required to source the sounds and integrate them with the timeline and visual content.  We propose an intelligent decision-making system in a system that generates sounds (with their immersive context) from other sensor data. The Autonomous Systems for Sound Integration and Generation (ASSIGN) project exploits innovative vision-based object recognition technologies to control sound synthesis techniques, so that captured video information can drive sound generation, placement and perspective.
This runs in parallel with visual effects and computer games, where rendering is driven by high level information, e.g., if a man drops a glass, we see it falling in the virtual world of the game, film or augmented reality. The animation is a property of the object, and sound effects should follow this same paradigm.

The business potential is compelling, since ASSIGN could revolutionize the sound design process. Outputs will include a prototype for autonomous sound effect generation, with market analysis, business models and road map to launch a commercial service.       

RTSFX SMART Innovate UK project

In the Creative Industries, sound design typically starts by searching sample libraries for desired sounds. These sounds are rarely ideal, not easily found and must be customised for use. Alternatively, sample libraries can be replaced by sound synthesis techniques that use software algorithms to generate the desired sounds, enabling high quality sound effects across all forms of content creation.

Our InnovateUK Feasibility Study demonstrated the need for a synthesized sound effects (SFX) service. The study highlighted two barriers to use; content creators want to use their own sound archives and metadata but with real time control and manipulation, and need a critical mass of high quality synthesized sounds. These barriers could be overcome by deploying lightweight sound synthesis models on the cloud. Such models can reverse engineer any sound sample, thus removing the need for large SFX libraries and associated issues with their use.

The SmartSounds project will deliver and validate a prototype cloud content design and creation service, for use by anyone wanting to enhance or interact with sounds. It will allow uploading, analysis and synthesis of any sound, with real time control and integration into existing workflows, and the business models and road map to launch a commercial service. SmartSounds has the potential to revolutionize the sound design process. It will greatly extend the limited reservoir of sounds that can be used for content creation, turning any sound into a sound effect and synthesising all the sounds of the world. It democratizes the industry, giving anyone the ability to become a sound designer, giving users control, harnessing their creativity.

SmartSounds will gather all technical and business information required in order to launch this service. The business potential is compelling since the project will demonstrate a disruptive cloud service for a globally used and purchased resource