About RPPtv

In the beginning:
Back in 2002 and a walk across Soho Square an idea was born.
How to use the emerging Internet and remotely upload and edit material on a “cloud based” system.

Off we go:
We were very luck to be awarded a DTI test bed grant to examine and the endless possibilities with such a system.
So our appointed mentor was Norman Green (ex IBA) who helped us with our many ideas and helped give us direction. We were very luck to be able to find a couple of excellent partners as follows.

Wellcome Trust http://www.wellcome.ac.uk
Softel Ltd http://softel.co.uk

Much good work was achieved and it is remarkable to remember at that time we worked remotely with QCIF images (Wikipedia: Common Intermediate Format)

We built solid foundations using industry standard metadata schemas and the birth of the idea of “remote metadata editing”.

During 2004 and 2005 we attended the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam and exhibited our technology within the “New Technology village” and received much interest and had 2 very noteworthy exhibitions.

IBC was a great learning experience for RPPtv Ltd as we were pushed in to a very prominent position alongside major Broadcasters and other major players in the industry.

Project completed successfully and on time.


During this time ( 2004 ) we applied for a patent relating to and protecting our IPR. Our intellectual property protection is ongoing and as new innovation is developed by RPPtv extensions and new applications are made. IPR and innovation are key drivers to the research and development undertaken in the company.


Phase II:

Moving on in to 2006 we then applied for the EU eContent programme.

This was more of a feasibility study to research engagement with our technology and where we could take it in the archive sector within European educational establishments. Our project officer in this case was Mr. Kristen Olson who gave a great deal of assistance in moving forwards.

One partner of ours during this project was SFRS Cerimes a French company who have huge media libraries and resources http://www.cerimes.fr/

This project was completed successfully and on time.


Phase III:

Moving a couple of years forward we decided to implement as a subsidiary part of our operations mimovi.

mimovi is all about collaborative creation of content and sharing media. At that time Youtube was in the ascendancy with Vimeo and video was becoming more common place on the Internet. It was important to add this differentiator of RPPtv Ltd being the technology core and mimovi being the outward facing portal for our endeavours. Our programming team developed up a “publishing site” with channels and the abilities to share publicly or keep content private.

Within this Phase III of operations integration with social media was developed for abilities to link to Facebook and of course re-upload to Youtube.


Phase IV:

In 2010 RPPtv Ltd was granted funding to commence commercialisation under the Commercialisation Fund at FSE.

This triggered a 1 year proof of concept and testing with The Forward group, a leading digital publisher and agency in London. The outcomes of this trialling then lead to a Phase 2.

In 2011 RPPtv Ltd applied for Phase 2 commercialisation funding from FSE and have now commenced a six month continuation which will lead to early stage revenues. In this phase RPPtv are also partnering with Can Communicate developing a new concept for Fans and Brands.

In 2011 RPPtv Ltd was granted feasibility funding with inqb8r to pilot the use of cloud tools to allow ultra low cost production and collaboration of Local News and TV. The pilot demonstrated that the RPPtv cloud tools could be used in a collaborative novel production work flow where the data centre is the production facility and the network the workplace.

News stories from 3 regions were made for 2 months where students at Southampton University, East Anglia University and in London at inqb8r collaborated and reported on the news stories.

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2012 has seen further advances by RPPtv Ltd who successfully bid for a 1 year study into the creation of Hyper Local media, the research and development will see location become a key aspect of production and consuming media. In this project RPPtv will work with AIMES GRID SERVICES in Liverpool. This project teams up with projects in the Hyper Local Nesta funded campaign.

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