GoPro Hero2 – Lots of fun

GoPro Hero 2

Much has been written,  and many videos posted about this great little camera.
Probably the hardest part of  purchasing the GoPro Hero 2 was unpacking it and getting it ready for use. Do not forget to purchase your SDHC card otherwise you will not be recording anything on the day

The rest is easy..I do a lot of cycling and see people around with their helmet cams. I found the chest/shoulder harness best, as it gave more overall stability and was comfortable on my bike journeys.

Okay everyone is doing that stuff these days so I gave it a try in my Mum’s garden which is quite large with a pond.  Wearing the chest harness went round for a wander. This gave my Mum great pleasure as she could see parts of her garden she had not seen in a while. Recently we also purchased a Sony HXR-NX30e with inbuilt motion stabilisation. I have done a very similar tour of my Mum’s garden now with both cameras. As soon as we can get the GoPro footage vs. Sony footage in to Adobe Premiere then we can do a £300 vs. £1500 (GoPro vs. Sony camera) shoot-out.

We will be posting up the videos and the results in the near future.

For now given the small size/and relatively cheap price of the GoPro Hero 2 we give it 8/10.


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