TSB Hyperlocal start up meeting

TSB Hyperlocal start meeting September 10th 2012:

Today the associates involved in our TSB Hyperlocal project met at a location in Victoria.
The duration of the project is for one year, starting from September 1st 2012.
We have an extensive project brief defining our work schedules during this period.

The meeting went very well and a schedule of progress meetings was agreed and times were set for those future meetings.

Whilst we were there we took a shot of the beautiful entrance hall.

Grosvenor Hotel main entrance hall

Grosvenor Hotel main entrance hall

So our TSB Hyperlocal project is now fully underway, and we will keep updates coming frequently.

Breaking news: Our Business Development Manager Will Buchanan will be travelling for RPPtv Ltd over to India later this month on September 23rd to disseminate all the great work the RPPtv team are engaged in right now.

Watch this space!

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