Intelligent Media.


Intelligent Media

The future of audio with artificial intelligence

RPPtv provides intelligent and innovative software systems that can have applications from media production to healthcare. For media production, RPPtv is developing a prototype intelligent auto-foley (footsteps) service, offering new and easy ways to create and manipulate content in real-time. We are pushing the boundaries towards building an Audio Production Studio using Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, and building our 

Immersive Sound Discovery Platform (ISDP)

with new Sound Modelling Technologies, ASMR, and auto-generated atmos

Intelligent Media

We are leading the field to integrate sound synthesis and autonomous system capabilities into the worldwide digital effects production chain. In immersive media and game sound design, the biggest challenge is the effort required to source the sounds and integrate them with the timeline and visual content.


RPPtv has developed software technologies using machine learning vision techniques for scene, object and emotional well-being detection and monitoring. We are currently connecting these in a cloud platform connected to robotic systems, that can be integrated into healthcare services.

Industrial Applications

Industry requires new and disruptive ways to monitor the work environment and to have more comprehensive monitoring and alerting systems for health and well being. RPPtv is exploring ways on how audio and vision monitoring can be utilised by industry to assist these needs.

Audio with Artificial Intelligence

RPPtv provides original, online content creation services. We are leading the field to integrate sound synthesis and autonomous system capabilities..
Currently we have several autonomous systems in beta test to fulfil the needs of immersive media.
Innovating the production process to enhance workflows and increase efficiency.

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